Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

(The Quick Promised) English Summary 1.01

My first two days in India, Delhi, have been really exciting. Exciting means in that context my effort to adjust to all this chaotic surroundings I get to know right now. My arrival at the Delhi Airport was quite an experience. Actually my internship organization sent me a driver with the purpose to take me to my hotel from the airport, but the problem was that I had no idea how to find him in a crowd of tons of people who were waiting for allegedly important people. Eventually, after some really confusing minutes I recognized a sign saying "Erik Sabas". That made me quite happy because a plan B was missing at all. "Yeah, at least I will not sleep on the street", I thought when the driver told me some things about Delhi and meanwhile he handled the horrible traffic like it's nothing. In his opinion Delhi traffic is "relaxed". I kind of doubt that. After all, I felt asleep at 3 AM somewhere in Delhi. I really had no idea where that was.

Next day I realized where my Hotel actually was: in the heart of huge indian bazar. So I started from from scratch in the middle of all the indian chaos. My adjustment process went pretty well and I kind of know how to deal with all this after a really depressing first day where I didn't even leave my quarter. Now I got seven days for sight seeing and all the things my conscience tells me before I will start an internship at the german Goethe Institute.