Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

English Summary 1.02 - Happy Diwali!

I admit it: I owe you one - at least! After my full-bodied announcement of a bilingual blog I screwed it a bit. BUT, nevertheless, I will not quit and continue on this unsteady basis. Still better than not to write in English at all.

So what's new? 

Quite a lot. Two weeks ago I started my internship at the Goethe-Institut New Delhi and that captures almost all my attention. Especially my six female colleagues - who try to turn me into Erika - do their best to keep me busy. But it's not true that I wouldn't like that. A copy and coffee internship would be much worse - so do not consider that as an offence. Even to keep the blog alive in German is a huge challenge, but to face it effectively I started organizing some kind of a schedule. Makes things way easier.

What else?

Besides my internship I organized my life a bit. With my new friend Andreas I will move into an apartment in South Delhi and found my tiny little german colony.The process of negotiating with brokers and landlords took probably twice the time it would need in every other country of the world, but eventually we succeeded. At least in our opinions.

What's up next?

Diwali! No clue? I hadn't either! Since I had a bunch of gifts on my table this morning. The institute kindly organized adorable little presents for the crew. What a surprise! Diwali is basically comparable
to Christmas in our countries. The only remarkable difference is, that it is kind of a mix of Christmas and New Years Eve. People mess around with firecrackers and fireworks since weeks. Sounds fun, but causes primarily stressful nights and a very sticky air that makes you feel like dust bag.

In terms of traveling - not that much - for now. But this will change, definitely. A couple of free weekends are coming up and that keeps me literally alive. Taj Mahal is on top of my to-do list.

Even without understanding everything you will still be able to follow the basic subjects of the blog and get an idea how I am doing. Particularly all the pictures will keep you on track.

Warm regards into every part of the world except of Germany ;-)